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EmCORE-i316 - Arbor EmCORE-i316 - Single-Board CPU | ALi M6117D | LCD/CRT...

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Arbor EmCORE-i316 - Single-Board CPU | ALi M6117D | LCD/CRT Interface | Digital I/O | 4 Serial Ports Simple Type: CPU Board

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  • - ALi M6117D = Intel compatible 386SX-40 core + M1217B chipset 16-bit
  • - Digital I/O
  • - LCD / CRT
  • - Top pro H6508


  • Bi-directional Parallel Port: supports SPP, EPP and ECP mode.BIOS enabled/disabled
  • BIOS: Y2k Compliant Award system BIOS
  • Board Dimensions: 185 x 122 mm.
  • Board Weight: 0.24 Kg
  • Bus Interface: ISA and PC/104 (speed 8.3 MHz)
  • Compatibility: IBM VGA hardware
  • CPU + Chipset: ALi M6117D is an implementation of an INTEL compatible 386SX-40 CPU a watchdog timer and ALi's M1217B chipset
  • Digital I/O: 16-bit GPIO, 8 independent GPI and 8 independent GPO programamble by software.
  • Display: CRT and Flat Panel Mono/TFT/DSTN/EL
  • Display Function Chipset: Top pro H6508, 16-bit ISA
  • DMA Channels: 7 channels
  • DRAM Memory: 4 MB up to 20 MB of EDO RAM, Single side, 4 MB EDO RAM onboard, 1 socket for a 72-pin single sided SIMM
  • Enhanced IDE: supports one port and up to two ATAPI devices of PIO mode 4. BIOS enabled/disabled
  • Environmental and Power Requirements: single voltage +5 V @ 800 mA with 4 MB DRAM and 1 MB Flash disk installed
  • Flash DiskOnChip®2000: Package: Dual Chips FlashDisk in 32-pin DIP JEDEC, Capacity:288 MByte capacity, Data Reliability:ECC/EDC error correction Memory window / 8 KByte
  • Floppy Disk Drive Interface: supports 2 floppy disk drives, 5¼" (360 KB or 1.2 MB) and 3½" (720 KB, 1.44 MB). BIOS enabled/disabled
  • High Speed Multi I/O Chipset: ALi 5113 x 2
  • Interrupt Levels: 15
  • Keyboard and Mouse Connectors: external PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse port (2-in-1 mini DIN), Onboard AT keyboard port (5-pin box header)
  • Memory: 1 MB onboard
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
  • Panel Data Bus: 24-bit
  • Real-time Clock: Dallas DS-12887 or compatible with lithium battery backup for 10 years of data retention. CMOS data backup of BIOS setup and BIOS default.
  • Serial ports: 3 high speed RS-232C ports (COM1, COM3, COM4), 1 high speed RS-232C/485/422 port (COM2) jumper selectable.All with 16C550 UART and 16 byte FIFO. BIOS enabled/disabled
  • System Bus: 16-bit ISA bus
  • Watchdog Timer: generates a system RESET or NMI when your application loses control over the system. Optionally the watchdog can trigger a user specified IRQ. The watchdog is configurable from 30.5 ms to 512 seconds (in 30.5 ms segments)



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